Absalom Adventures

Mists of Mwangi

Today’s cast of characters includes: Obi (sorcerer), Miro (bard) Ddim (Barbarian) Clarrissa (Me, cleric) and Zirul (ranger)

We suddenly find ourselves outside the Blackross Museum. An image of Adril Hestram appears in our minds.

The museum is cursed and Nigel Aldain needs our help and may once again join the pathfinder society if we can help / rescue him. (or at very least let the pathfinder society back into the museum to study its wonderour content). It seems that items (monkey heads) brought back from the Mwangi jungle have had an undesired effect. A mist rolls our of the crevasses round the doors. One of the party (Obi?) suggests we should put cloths around our face to protect from any ill effect that may be caused by the mist.

In the front door we go. My it’s cold. Is something watching us from the silver mist.Miro calls Obi a girl, I say that is a compliment. Obi tries to check for magic, only problem is Everything glows. Obi says the reason we brought DDim along is so that all three of the small folk can hide behind him. Zirul steps forward into the main corridor. Then steps into the first room.
As we proceed into the room, an Osirian mummy, a hulking skeleton, a shrunken corpse and a legoinair all appear – wait my eyes have deceived me it is only a ghoul, tow seletons and a mummy. Obi discovers arrows don’t work well on skeletons.
Ddim attacks with Bite “If it moves it’s edible”, I try to bash a skelly with my staff – No Hit – No Damage. The skeleton seems to like Miro which means it’s not hitting me. Obi reminds me about using Poistive channels of energy to harm undead. I do so and a skeleton promptly does. Oh no Ddim’s gone down, Zirul runs to assist him – a good whacking with his wand should help.
The skeleton near me decides that it must attack me – but fortunately it misses, that Irori. Both our main fighters ar down and even my best effort at healing then has not brought them back to the fight. Finally the brothers (Obi and Miro) take them all out. All Hail the little guys.

Much healing later, Obi finds a mwangi warrior (Statue?) holding a magical KuKri supposedly good for hitting Tiktaan creatures – the monkey heads that we believe are behind all of this. Now for the office – It’s been trashed. The mist is only knee high in here and swirling around the walls. Once again Zirul is the first to enter. Two scribe like creatures fall from the ceiling to attack. One tries to land on me but I step away at the last minute and wave my staff at it, the other does land on Ddim. Zirul tries to use the Kukri on them but misses. Once again the party is off to a wonderful start.
Ddim bites – it seems to be his most effective weapon.

Much fighting in the style of death by a thousand blows.
As the scribes go down a mist emerges from their mouths. When all are unconscious we put a cloth over their mouths.
Screaming comes from the bashed up cabinet ddim goes to investigate – the takes the cabinet outside to open. A scribe emerges tellin us what happened this morning when Trantos brought the monkey heads out of his pack. Back in the office we find scraps of paper telling how to use a bards countersong to offset the effects Tiktaan have on a creature the maddening mists of Mwangi.

Zirul runs across the hall and kicks open another door. Little mist but full of fanciful taxidermied creatures – but nothing to harm us. Another room – the toilets, complete with maddening laughter coming from a watchman playing with another’s severed head. Obi does the counterson thing and the watchman comes to his senses only to cry at seeing his friends head. He says before he went insane he saw Nigel carried away by apes and slathering monkeys.
Now from the main room. Guess who kicks open the door. Zirul. A figure is strapped to an alter atop a mwangi style ziggurat. Monkeys – lots of monkeys running everywhere. Miro hides incase they throw poo. Big ape. “bad” says obi as it stands next to Nigel. Ddim heads towards him. Nigel is gibbering and Obi steps in to orate him back to coherence. Destroy the Tiktaan he calls. Miro points one of them out to Zirul (who has the kukri) as it runs in and out of the ordinary monkeys. Ddim bites the big ape and Miro wonders about him needing distemper shots.

The nastly little Tiktaan tries to entangle us and snares Zirul – the only one with a weapon to hurt them. Ddim takes down the ape with one impressive hit thru the heart – the following bite is purely for pleasure. Now for the Tiktaan. Miro runs up to one BURNING HANDS. Much argument about whether it took damage. At the boys suggestion I shut the door to prevent any others escaping. Ddim will just have to come to me for healing – but no he’s raging to after the Tiktaan he goes. One dead Tiktaan – it seems we don’t need that special knife anyway.
Everything goes very still then all the monkeys run away. Done. Nigel is to say the least – grateful.



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