Absalom Adventures

The Wounded Wisp

Session 3

Day 1
Clarissa here again!
Whilst I still love delving into the tomes in the temple I find myself waiting for the next invitation to adventure.

Venture Captain Drengle Drenge thinks we’ve been resting around too long and invites us to meet him. On the way he intercepts us dressed as a beggar.

He wants us to retrieve a particular package. He hands us a map to the Willow Wisp Bar. He would do this himself but he has to remain undercover. He still would like some creature comforts, and the package we are to retrieve is a bottle of wine from the cellars.

Drengle did us no favours as this is a standard dive bar. Obi claims he’s been thrown out of better. Strange place to store a bottle of fine winr.
Hi Janeria, she’s busy with more Pathfinder initiates. Virgul buys a round and speaks to the barkeep about the bottle of wine. The barkeep will take us down to the cellars shortly.
Yargos has lots of books mainly pathfinder chronicles. He seems to think the Pathinder chronicles to be the most accurate.
Aram Bin Kallel approaches us. Virgul integrates – Aram is a follower of Sarenrae former member of the society and current purveyer of curios.

Heryngale (I finally caught her name) is the barkeep about to take us down to the cellar. For some reason Zirgul is now a ranger not a sorcerer.
I start casting buffing spells and the others want to know why I and so paranoid. Time will tell.
Zirgul opens the first door, we start to file in across the fissure down the stair. Follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road.
The bottle we want turns out to be a lever to a hidden room. A creature jumps out at us, we don’t know what it is. Ir tuns down to attack Ddim. Ouch’s Ddim in sow cuddled with bad intentions. Ahh but he manages to get away. I heal Ddim.

Much combat ensures – to busy to write in my journal.

Ddim wants to know if its feeling vulnerable and alone – must be the creature retreats . We of course follow. It is now identified as a chocker, just what it did to Ddim.

Parchments of curious writings about the adventures of Solinius Foster and of things left undone that it would seem we should continue them. “The Lost Chronicles “ says obi, but perhaps the hidden chronicles would be a better description. Zirgul asks Yargos about the names in the parchment. It seems they were founding or early members of the society. It seems Foster and Elysia were divided about the need to share knowledge. “We should rename this adventure Wiki-Leeks” Obi.

Lets find the pathfinser wall of names, does it have the names listed in our parchment. They have puzzles under each name – I guess we have to solve them.

Travel to the Necropolis (graveyard)
We’re looking for the grave of Arkath as he might have been interred with a key that is mentioned in onw of our clues. Fægir recognises the cleric guarding the tomb as a priest of Asmodius. Ddim tries to bribe him
To let us in 10gp – refused. Zirgul goes for the lot bag idea of 50gp for all the names we need – refused. Ddim pays him a straight 50gp and we have out direction from him.

The cleric of Asmodius cast invisibility only to be found by our paladin so we all wave.
Door to the Mausoleum Zirgul to open. We ask the paladin to bing bong. Zirgul says no he likes surprises. Followed by a discussion on the different forms of interment. Ddim attacks a coffin only to hurt his hand. Obi says “Next time we use mace” Ddim asks is that what they mean by use head.

Let us return to the Wisp Inn. Yargos. To get some insight into our puzzles. We challenge him to unravel the puzzles of the 16 poses. We can get him to identify our coin (that we got in the coffin). It is a pathfindercoin, and it speaks it’s message to us. This needs to be deliver to pathfinder headquarters as well as us following up the clues as well.

Temple of the fells has shrines to each of the failed aspirants – the rest became gods.
Time to match domains to names – but will it help us?
Fimbriks house – missed why we are here but his name was in our parchments.

Beside the door are newspapers, yesterday’s going back 2 years. No back door. Accidently kick the door in. ddim says don’t – oh dear my elbow has gone thru the window. Desecrated Cocconuts “Wilson” yells Dd. Ddim says no he hasn’t broken the window. Obi says break and enter – he breaks we enter. Now Zirgul breaks a window for real this time – we all start to clamber in – no wait.
He tries to get to the door to let us in – right past the sleeping gnome and his two guards. Just as he gets the the main room swarms of spiders – I hate swarms – not it isn’t swarms but beetles so much better – Fire beetles.

Obi Orates – Zirgul thinks he is rotating. At risk to life and limb Zirgul ignores the beetles to open the door.
The paladin takes out 1 beetle with an impressive shield bash. Ddim deals with the last and looks for beetle’s bleeding heart. Fægir wants to clean carpet before it gets stained – too late. She now collects some of the glowing bugs guts. Ddim uses it as war paint. Fægir takes over and turns Ddims war paint into wonderful tribal art.

Zirgul tries to talk to the guards – no response – he then tries to smother one with a blanket. No response. Lets go into the study – ah a neatly penned letter. Wiffle is the password. We uneenter then we unbreak (mending spell) leaving things as we found then except for the newspapers which Fægir brings inside.

Back to the temple of the failed aspirants. Excitement in the streets. Large, no Huge crowd. Ah Sir Rhine Heart is about to attempt the starstone test to be a god, ddim challenges one of the crowd – gold piece if he doesn’t make. Ddim being Ddin. Over now – Now we go to the temple of the failed aspirants

Two stonemasons arguing over the spelling of the name Rhineheart. We look for the niche for Ogo Wiffle – did not work – try stand on the alter – still no. Irealise the name plate is an illusion behind which is a chalkboard and chalk. I write Wiffle on it and a secret door opens.

Rock passage way leading to a large cavern with a light at the end. Like moths to a flame we are drawn to it, and danger in the form of a Carrion Golem. Who promptly selects Zirgul to deliver damage to and a little disease. I try and slingshot it but moss, which is why I rarely try it, Fægir to do damage and gets some in return. I’ve rarely seem her go green, Oh no she’s fallen over. I try to heal her but don’t do much. I must pray harder to Irori. Paladin still alive as she attacks from the ground. Ddim very ill but still hits before going sown. My prayers to Irori have improved my healing – good as we seem to need it. After the new style of attack from the ground we finally kill it.

Glowing gem on desk who gets to it first. Fægir directs out attention to the papers on which it rests Too much time needed now. The gem has continual flame on it, and just when I thought all we have to do is leave – back in the main burial chamber – the APIS consortium minions – seem they want out stuff. Not without a fight of course. 4 of them. Ddim blinks and one dies or so it seems. Obi sends one to sleep. Fægir smite evil with charge against the bowman. Not Zirgul is actually Zirul sorry about that. Ddim goes after another, can he drop ot in one go? No not this time. Obi tries to coup de gras the sleeping one but only injures it. Fægir tries out his shield bash, the suggests we keep one alive. And to this aim promptly grapples the remaining one. Zirul helps. Stacks on. Dd dives in for stacks on. All under Ddim take 3 points non lethal damage – and the paladin passes out. I wonder if Ddim passed wind?

Dreng says we did well in the next few days get more paperwork.

Here endive this adventure!
We are now invited on an expedition to travel to Car Kuqta.

To all who manage to read this journal to the end I apologize, it was not until I recently re-read my joural that I realise how disjointed some of it is.

I can only try to do better.



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