Absalom Adventures

Master of the Fallen Fortress

Session 1

Day 1

My name is Clarissa, I am a Gnomish cleric of Irori.

The head of the temple in Absalom (where I was raised), Ysia has decreed it is time for me to have some direct experience of the world. So she has sent me to the Pathfinders so I do not have to go out on my own.

I did undergo a refresher course on the use of Irori’s power – cool. However the crash course in fighting was – to put it – not to my liking.

Arriving at the pathfinders the door is locked. It seems we are unworthy. I follow the others to the pub – surly Ysia would not have sent me on a wild goose chase.

Someone comes in claiming an earthquake has opened some old Fortress. Sounds like time to get some real world experience. Obi (Halfling bard) is trying to rouse us all up to explore.

Miro & Ddim seem to want to come as well. Not surprising for Miro, as he is Obi’s identical twin – though Miro claims Obi is the fatter of the two. I’m not so sure about Ddim as he is a fierce looking half orc.

The four of us trave to the fortress. While still outside 3 nasty puppy dogs come out to attack us – not sure what happened but it was strangely exhilarating. I know I hit once but my companions did the rest.

We go into the first room. Ddim finds a spider – my curiosity gets the better of me and I step just inside the door. My Sling shot is a miss. Ddim seems to hit it OK. Then I KILLED IT !!!

It seems we have to climb the outside was – Yuk – fortunately Ddim can climb and then thoughtfully lowers a rope. Pulling all 3 of us in one go probably wan’t so good. I landed on Miro (Halfling Sorcerer).

Next room – Trogladites make us all sickened and all Miro & Obi can do is argue about who can hold their drink!

Trogs dead, Ddim falls over. (I think there was some healing from here). When Ddim comes to he asks Mori to stand on one foot, when Mori complies Ddim points and says “Balanced”.

Fire Skeletons nearly kill Ddim, we littlies kill them but now must rest. I have no healing left and Ddim is already snoring.

Day 2

More Trogs – Miro & Obi argue over who did most damage to kill one.Ddim hits next trog – but I kill it with a sling shot !!

Ddm wants me to eat its still beating heart. Why?

Oh dear I am starting to talk like Ddim and his stalted Common.

We find a prisoner Pathfinder. How to free?? Try key of course!! (I must have missed documenting that).

Miro & Obi argue again – Ddim says “And they say Ddim dim”

Miro gets lowered over edge and gets pulled back up enveloped by a swarm of bats.

Ddim attacks a crocodile crying “BOOTS” after macerating the croc and being told he can’t have boots – he cries “Sushi”.

The Pathfinder Bard we rescued (Yeah I know I skipped that bit) offers to sponser us to the Pathfinders.

Back in town. Wow!!! Everything’s gone so fast. No wonder there are gaps in the diaries in the temple. I see now why Ysia has sent me out here. I have an awful lot to learn.



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