Absalom Adventures

The Confirmation

Session 2

Day 1
I am currently residing in Absalom. (I’m Clarissa by the way) An invitation has reached me to go to the Pig’s Paunch. “Start where it all began”.

An Elven man (Keritan – master of scribes) invites us to sit. He and his mates think it’s time for the group to undergo our Confirmation. Us includes myself, Ddim, and Miro. Janeria will accompany us.
We will travel to the caves and see what the gillmen are up to. Under Cortos Mount.

Ddim claims that on our previous meeting he could carry all the other party members. Them says speak to the short one to Janeria (bard) who in turn levels the look at him.
“Explore Report Co-operate” Janeria exclaims this is the Pathfinder Creed. Janeria then tries to get us to tell each other about ourselves.

Fægir worships Shelyn and seems to be a tattoo artist in his quiet times. Delia is a crafter of books and a Gnomish wizard. A lady who is dressed in robes almost identical to mine save for the depth of colour used.
Miro, happy to be away from Obi, now he might get some food. “Gillmen SUSHI” yells Ddim – Ah alligator sushi did not work.
The centaurs are said to surround the lower grounds of our journey – I hope they are friendly, I’d love to meet one.
Janeria says some die on confirmation. I say “I elect Ddim” then only joking.
Pass the siege towers around Absalom are pointed out. Fallen Fortress was in one. The day passes uneventfully
Zirul catches some more rabbits. I wonder who butchered them.

Day 2.
Janeria flips open her wayfinder to find our direction – I wouldn’t mind one of them.

In the Deep Forest – we hear a Rustle (Zirul says hello Russel) ahead and to our left – swarms! Yuck! I hate swarms – of spiders this time. Fægir (the paladin) now seems to be called Fabio.
The party start trying to find area of effect weapons. Delia does “Berniws” hands to which Fabio says we don’t want Bernie to have no hands.
Delia takes damage, the boys fire attack the spiders then I heal Delia. Zirul finishes off the spiders on Delia the old style way oil & fire. Zirul takes Damage, Fabio & Miro also take damage.
Miro is covered in the spiders – he tries to move out then turn & burning hands. I try to heal the party on mass and almost fail by healing minimal damage. Janeria offers to do some cure lights. I step back ashamed of my effort and let her heal the party.

Janeria hurries us along to get to the destination before the full moon rises.

A narrow crack in the cliff face hidden behind vines leads to the caves.
Suddenly a Minotaur comes crashing thru the forest. Janiera throws her pack into the cave and tells us to go on. She will deal with the Minotaur.
As we leave, Janiera can be heard using her oratory to full effect. Ddim “Why talk? Hit it!” We pick up her pack. Fægir goes bing bong.
Paladin hallucinates – we stand in a 3’ wide corridor waiting for a Gillman to pass so we can follow him – yes sir please push your way to the front, then we will follow you.

Water in the corridor blocking our path, 10’ wide 20’ deep – can we jump, should we swim. Oops I saw that wrong it’s a 20’ deep pit with 10’ of water – remember measure twice, cut once.
Zirol climbs down – ahh missed that glowing stone that he grabs – seems to be a cloak. Wood stakes at bottom. He sees to be having a hard time climbing out. Ah finally he learns to take it slowly and succeeds.
The boys pass a rope across then help the rest of us across. Ddim delights in easily climbing down and up with ease. Everyone tries to figure out what type of magic is on the cloak. The ranger decides to wear it anyway.
We approach the exit of this cave into the next. Our paladin does a bing bong and perceives a general aura of magic. There are drawings on the walls. Fægir and I try to interpret them,The farmer, the Fisherman, the Tailor and the Thief. The history and future society & 12 parables.Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Rub a dub dub.Meanwhile Zirul wonders over to the passage between the caves and sees a humanoid figure standing at the edge of a pool with some sort of pillar in it.
Fægir moves across the bridge – bing bonging as he goes – he calls out to the figure who is a Gillman –‘Uri’ Fægir the introduces himself as not Fabio Uri says he is listening to the silence. I say “Not gonna happen with us around”
Uri looks perturbly at Zirul – some of our party notice that the cloak Zirul is wearing is identical to Gillman cloaks. Uri claims it is his and Zirul returns the property.

Fægir does his fancy diplomacy to explain our quest to Uri and promises to explain not to wee in the sacred water. Around the little city model of Ancient Absalom is this a temple of Aroden and the bits of string and frogs and stuff are divine offerings.
Fægir rakes 4 lines in the ground in front of the water – Ding we did something right! Wrapping the city in cloth provides another ding. Fægir forfils the Thief requirement in a very un-paladin like way by stealing the most beautiful item he can see. Much talk about Paladins wee being holy and whether or not male paladins in combat would whip it out. Fægir claims he is not that sort of paladin.
We hear the sound of running water. Zirul wants to know what it is scared of. The paladin forgoes any attempt at stealth and tries diplomacy instead. What on – Kobolds of course. Fægir has gotten the Kobolds to make a map of the area for 5 gold. On payment they toss the parchment – in a bag with a stone – over the river to us. Have we bought a pig in a poke. Zirul now wants to know if he can just shoot the Kobolds – this erupts into an argument between Fægir and Ddim. Zirul leaps and jumps across the river. Ddim carries the little ones, Fægir wants them tossed to him. Ddim says that is bar sport – The gentler form of Dwarf tossing. You can toss 2 at a time.

We hear bardic oratory ahead. Could it be Janeira? Zirul suggests we go the other way. We can’t hear the ranger but Fægir says that’s just because he’s really stealthy. I guess we are just going to plough on ahead to see what’s happened. The ranger has been engulfed by a gelatinous cube. “Ah my dessert has engulfed me” Fægir. I’m in deep jelly. The ranger tries jelly wrestling – does not win. Engulfed for 9 rounds – D’dim claims he has seen characters die and resurrected in that time. Miro wants to put hand between D’dim’s legs and cast burning hands – Dragon fire. Delia would rather play with fishies. D’dim is insulted. Gelatinous cube destroyed as it wet’s itself.
Ah now we’ve reached the exit of the cave system. It is Janeira that I can hear. She is fighting a minotaur.
And of course there is a fast flowing river between us.
Miro and myself go as fast as they can towards the bridge- only to have D’dim stroll past them – he could at least have picked us up along the way. Janeira goes down a victim of her own whip. Miro attempts to run across the log and ends up straddling it. D’dim takes damage “I;m still standing’ erupts the chorus. Once again I perform the most ineffectual of group healing. D’dim goes down that leaves Miro and me available as targets – he chooses me. Oh dear everything goes dark.

Sorcerer, Sorcerer I dream of Miro disclaiming that he is a wizard. Paladin kills the minotaur and revels in healing the rest of us.

Janeira takes us back to Abaslom and looks at the notes she asked us to take. I suspect she thinks I am an over achiever. We get to name the caves – Arodens Caverns is the group decision.



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