Absalom Adventures

The Frozen Fingers of Midnight

Obi, Miro, Delia, Ddim, Zirul and me.

Grand Lodge of Absalom – we have be invited, along with other pathfinders.

Finally a huge man appears – Venture Captain Adril Hestram, who’s graze appraises us. He is THE captain of the Grand Lodge.
He tells us about Skeg the ripper …….. who’s also brought a curse with him, a sickness that has laid him up in bed.

We are asked to go to his home and help him, find any artefacts of great power that may help him.
It seems that Skeg is cold – a freezing to death type of cold. Delia tests Adril’s patience with her endless questions – stemming she admits from a lack of attention when we were told about the quest mere minutes ago. Delia further embarrasses us by asking to see Adril’s hammer. He does invite her for a close up inspection.
We leave and Delia finally realises we have left and comes running up behind us. The door slams shut behind us and a loud voice asks who was in charge of initiates.
We arrive at Grey Dog manner, Skegs home. It’s grey stone walls giving a sombre appearance in an otherwise luxurious area. The Ulfen warrior guards are wearing the surcoats on backwards. Time to unleash Ddim who should get surprise given Delia’s distracting cries of liar, liar, pants on fire. Zirul peppers them with arrows and so the battle starts – their first target – Delia. Four rounds later – two dead Ulfen.
Very quickly we find the master bedroom, with Skeg in the bed, along with a raging fire (in the fireplace) attempting to warm Skeg and roasting everyone else. His servant Tyros is fanning himself in the corner.
The magic users in the party soon discover the Skeg is under magic, located somewhere near his stomach. He is cold to touch – once again especially near his stomach.
Delia wants to know if burning hands can be used medicinally.
Skeg tells us that Benegirr his enemy caught Benegirr’s men in his store room, they had a lantern that when it touched Skeg sent him cold. Then opened a portal in a tapestry.
…… Something to do with a funeral ship and stolen offerings, Skeg being the thief.

Back the tapestry of a Funeral Ship but minus the lantern that would have been on it.
We ask Tyros for a description of both Benegirr and the lantern. Ddim suggest we fo to the docks as the Ulfen (pretend guards) are a sea farring nation.
Down at the docks. Time to look for a warehouse hired from Hladig a Northlander leader, and the one who’s funeral ship was robbed by Skeg, thus preventing it from burning and carrying out their funeral rites. There is a warehouse owned by the son of this leader. Once the bribe of to TB reaches the magical number of 10gp (supplied by Ddim) he tells us the location of the wanted warehouse.
Down to the wharf where the desired warehouse lies – no windows, but large doors on both land and sea sides. Zirul wants to start a distraction fire and Delia gets nominated (burning hands that are burning to be used), but calmer heads prevail. Miro suggest Delia should talk to the guard, if he doesn’t lose the will to live he’ll want to smack her head in. Whilst the guard is distracted we slip into the water and swim under the sea side doors. Unfortunately the little folk, who you’d think would be the stealthier made the most noise, enough the attract the guards. However the lantern we are looking for is on a chain near a mean looking cleric.
Ddim and Zirrul get to surprise the guards – can they kill them before all hell breaks loose? Delia feels cold wash over her and wonders why – the rest of the party collectively roll their eyes. A discussion with Delia ensues about burning the Halfling slavery ship – conveniently forgetting that Halfling would be on board.

Delia and Ddim are commenting at the size of Miro’s Staff – is he compensating?

Ddim kills the big cleric, now for the lantern. Ddim hiding his light under a bushel. No he extinguishes it first – just for safety. We also find all the other missing funeral equipment and two potions of cure moderate wounds.

Delia opens the landside door and attracts the attention of the one remaining Ulfen guard, Wait No, the rest of the party grabs her and we swim away. Upon climbing onto the wharf the city guard are pointing their spears at us. Opening the warehouse and showing us the dead bodies. We will now be assisting them with their enquiries. Miro wants a separate cell to Delia. Delia speaks such volumes that they gag her. We find ourselves in the city watch cells. We are interviewed / interrogated one at a time. All of us done in one hour. 4 hours later Delia returns, oince again gagged, though somehow still able to prattle.

Next morning Venture Captain Adril appears – he is NOT happy, he has paid for our parole and we are advised not to do anything naughty – Delia wants to know what he means by naughty.

Skeg’s stuff has been returned to him. Now to see how to use it.

Zirrul lights the lantern in front of the tapestry, and a portal opens. Clarissa is entrusted with carrying the lantern as we enter the portal – into an ice cave, from which a tunnel heads away. We follow the tunnel and find ourselves 20’ above the ships icy deck. Down on the deck – a drum and a trap door. The barbarian will open the door says Ddim revealing the hold of the ship with it’s stale smell of death.

4 zombies trying to row and a man in a funeral mask – who we think is Haldir – The warrior who should have been burnt before Skeg raided the funeral equipment from the ship and thus it was never burnt.

The objective seems to be to hang the lantern on the prow of the ship, small problem, it’s on the other side of the ship, past the zombies and Haldir.

Is the reason Delia won’t shut up is because she is part goblin? Obi informs Clarissa that there are undead on the deck (I can’t see them because I am stuck in the traffic jam waiting to get to the deck). I channel positive energy to harm them.
Battle finishes and we search the bodies prior to finding a way to the prow of the ship, he funeral mask is magical – but what type? And does it matter? Al the funeral items should remain on the ship. A woman Haldirs wife?) is at the prow of the ship and invites us to place the lantern out the front, an icy pth in between. Se suggests if we would prefer we could have Skeg return lantern, or leave the lantern and have (Haldirs wife a witch queen) Skeg join her. So many choices. The party decides not to trust Natalia – who suddenly does NOT want us to leave with the lantern.

Delia, our weapon of mass Distraction. O take Skeg or not to take Skeg to the boat. He party decides to dice for it and the dice decide to take Skeg. Natalia takes the lantern, puts it at the front of the boat opening a portal to some far distant land, and closing all other portals including the one in Skeg’s chest. Natalia opens a more convenient portal for us pathfinders. Skeg is now Natalia’ captor and Lord.



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